Beta Testing

Before major releases, we release alpha and beta versions so our users can test for any issues before official releases.

Alpha and beta versions can be downloaded directly inside your account. If you have the below code snippet activated on your site, these versions will be available as updates in your Dashboard.

If you’re installing a beta version for our free version, you’ll need to manually update.

If you’re installing a beta version for our pro version, you can use the code snippet below to activate Dashboard updates for beta version.

add_filter( 'wpsp_pro_beta_tester', '__return_true' );

Adding PHP

Note: This code snippet will only work if you’re running WPSP Pro 1.0-alpha.1 or higher. If you’re running a version prior to that, see the Manual Updating instructions below.

Manual Updating

To manually update a plugin, it’s best if you install and activate a plugin like this.

That plugin will allow you to upload the plugin zip file even though the plugin is already installed.

  1. Install and activate Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades
  2. Download the alpha/beta .zip file
  3. Go to Plugins > Add New > Upload in your Dashboard and upload the downloaded .zip file.